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About Us

Welcome on Board

Masterjet’s story was drawn and driven by the passion of 3 generations of the Queffelec family. A family linked to the aircraft industry through their individual stories. The story now continues within the Luxaviation family...

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With our charter desk team, you can travel for business or leisure wherever and whenever you want on board one of our business jets.

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You maintain the flexibility of ownership, but benefit fully from our technical and financial control from our strict adherence to regulatory standards of aircraft maintenance and safety.

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Masterjet CAMO has an accumulated experience on both airlines and business aviation for aircraft under several countries registrations (Portugal, France, Cayman, Bermuda, Isle of Man).

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Why MasterJet?

Enjoy the advantages of a substantial group with a personalized team at the same time. Masterjet is a business aviation company using its in-depth experience for you all around the world.

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